M.A.D.S. Critics Award 2019

M.A.D.S. Critics Award 2019 - The first International prize by M.A.D.S. MILANO regarding the Art Critic 18 January – 08 February 2019


    M.A.D.S. Critics Award 2019 - Vernissage Friday, January 18, 2019 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm 18, Corso San Gottardo – Milan (Italy)


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    M.A.D.S. Critics Award 2019


    M.A.D.S. CRITICS AWARD is the first event of 2019, as well as the first announced international prize addressed to the Art Critic: “the physiological oil that greases the art mechanism”.

    In the contemporary culture Art is the object of study of an independent and specialised branch of studies, the Art Critic, that has as a purpose the interpretation and evaluation of artistic works, that have always been considered as parts of a cultural heritage that requires a particular attention from society and from the representative organs who are interested in preserving and handing them down to future generations. The level of specialisation and the cultural influence increasingly covered by the Art Critic is the sign of how this study is not a secondary or superficial factor but it is rather essential for the artist career, playing the role of a mediator between the artists and the public, hence between the producers and consumers of artistic values. Its duty is to demonstrate that what is produced as Art truly fulfils this definition, and that being so it organically fuses with other activities, not artistic and not even aesthetics, in this way inserting in the general system of culture. A bond then that involves the art world and conditions it, showing the unicity of the works: accurate, correct, interpretative but not to the point to exhaust the limit of imagination of the spectator, especially if it is contemporary art. The duty of the Art Critic is not only limited to a mere explicative and didactic value: considering the works of the present, it also foresees the future orientation of art making the entire art market dependent on it. The Art Critic embodies the urge of possession of the work of art, it elaborates and embraces it elevating it to a universally acknowledged desire. Thanks to the Critic the spectator enters in the sphere of the unknown of the work of art, hence becoming part of it to the point that he cannot take part from it.

    M.A.D.S. MILANO wants to give to the artists the most important award, handing over a prize to all the participants, conjugating the exhibition of the works of art with their presentation and critic made by the curatorial team.

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