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    Misha Fryc


    Misha Fryč was born in 1995 in Ústí nad Orlicí, Czech Republic. He was drawn to creating since a very young age, but he never got to study art. It was only during and after he finished high school with a degree in construction, he finally started taking art seriously. After a few years, he has had several solo and group exhibitions in his hometown. He became a member of a group of artists called Follow the Art, with whom he also exhibited in group shows and for charity. 

    In 2019 Fryč took a chance to show off his work at Affordable Art Fair Milan, Italy thanks to Van Gogh Art Gallery who represented him and shortly after that in a group exhibition called Milan Art Show in the gallery itself in Madrid, Spain. 

    Fryč also attended Art Olympia 2019, which is an open art competition with the goal of discovering talented artists around the world. Out of 5684 artworks of 3784 artists from 100 countries he got an honorable mention. 

    Artist Statement 

    For me, my work is a way of expressing myself. Since I have been suffering from social anxiety since I was young and unable to communicate properly with others, I have found my own way of expressing myself and my worldview. My work gives people a chance to look inside me. Into everything I think about, everything I dream about and everything I am depressed about. I often think about my life and death. Whether what I do is really important and how it all makes sense. This is a theme that connects my pieces across my artistic career. 

    I used to paint more abstractly, now I try to combine abstraction with realism. Because of this, people can get closer and understand my work, while I have the opportunity to develop my style further. On the other hand, I don’t want my work to be too realistic because I feel that it loses my personality. It loses something that makes the work unique. I am therefore disrupting what is real with something more abstract. With pieces of my soul. 

    For every piece, I try to make it as beautiful as it can be because the aesthetic side of things is of great value to me. For example, even if it is a very dark painting, it must be one way or another beautiful for me. I love beautiful things, and I want to create them. 

    I only create with oil paint on canvas. Before I started painting with oil, I was constantly struggling with acrylics that dry too fast. When I tried oil paints for the first time, I fell in love with them because I saw that they were exactly what I wanted acrylics to be. Today I use acrylic paints only as a first layer of the painting after which I paint the next layers with oil. 



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