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Nisha Kapoor


    Nisha Kapoor

    Nisha Kapoor is an International award winning artist with affiliation from UNESCO (a United Nations body)  
    Her talents as an artist range across painting, filmmaking, writing and many more creative spheres. Her hand drawn short animation films won awards twice in International short film festivals. As a painter she has exhibited and is represented by galleries and art platforms across the globe.

    She started her visual arts career as an outcome of some life awakening experiences and in a short span gained recognition and invitation by world famous art platforms such as International Association of Visuals Artists ( ), which also awarded her the UNESCO badge of affiliation for her art  (About UNESCO:  )

    She was also handpicked by the world famous platform for indie artists- . Her dedicated space on the platform is at . She is also associated with the coveted - a platform for unique and handpicked arts from across the world, where her page is at 

    Nisha also recently exhibited her paintings in the MADS MILANO art gallery, in Milan & her profile can be found at /product-page/nisha-kapoor. In the coming few months, she is exhibiting her paintings in various prestigious art galleries and fairs across New York, Milan (2 more shows) & Seattle to name a few.


    She has a versatile style in art ranging from mystic, psychedelic, experimental, abstract and is known to create "unique and never seen before" like art pieces. Her art has won her various art curation competitions and she is proud to be featured and interviewed by various art platforms. 

    In her own words "I was drawn to painting as a result of various spiritual experiences i had and most of my artworks are the ones i dream of during these mystic experiences". Her artwork can be found at " 


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