Spiritual Mother, Aboriginal Australians

Spiritual Mother, Aboriginal Australians, 2019, acrylic and Posca on canvas, 132x160 cm


Artist: Dorothée Munch


    Spiritual Mother, Aboriginal Australians, 2019, acrylic and Posca on canvas, 132x160 cm


    Dorothée Munch

    Dorothée Munch is a self-taught artist living in France, near Lyon.
    After many years in geopolitics and education, she decided to change her life by aligning all her passions : painting, Aboriginal art, art therapy, travel, world cultures, neuroscience and spirituality. She is constantly seeking everything that can give us the opportunity to become better and make the world a better place. She is interested in scientific writings that highlight the possibility of reprogramming the brain to connect to our inner being and create our reality. Dorothée Munch decided to become a professional artist in order to contribute more freely to the world by creating a universal language on her canvases.
    The process of creating a work begins with sketches (symbols, rituals, cultures and traditions of the countries and peoples of the world, intuitive images from sounds, smells, colours, or feelings...) and note-taking in the form of key words and sentences as she reads, interacts with others and travels. It is a question of seeking, impregnating, and assembling the elements of these different origins, then shaping the universal aspect and the positive energy that connect cultures to each other to create a message of love, trust, and peace.
    Her works are composed of symbols, curves, lines that cross the canvases, and graphics that repeat themselves and occupy space. Dorothée Munch pays particular attention to the balance between composition and colours. The message written in cursive letters in the extension of the black lines is the last act of production of the work. At first glance, we are absorbed and hypnotized by the power of messages associated with colour and shape. It is an invitation to question the relationship between Man, his environment and the invisible world, with a central question : What can make life better ?
    Through her message works, Dorothée Munch proposes to free herself from limiting beliefs and to reveal the incredible potential that lies in each of us, regardless of origins. We have the power to find the right balance between our parts of shadow and light, to change our reality and to walk towards inner peace, joy and love on Earth.

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